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Have you ever wondered how celebrities who visit New York can manage to say what they say and do what they do when there are fans and paparazzi on their tail all the time? One reason is that these New York guests have the right security detail watching out for them wherever they go.

You can hire your own bodyguards for your New York vacation if you feel that security can become an issue during your stay. You will want a security detail that is discreet yet watchful, and bodyguards who can keep you safe even as you wave for the cameras flashing all around. This type of service is available for everyone who can afford it, not just showbiz celebrities. So if you are a key executive of your company and will be meeting top honchos of other businesses, it may be a good idea to hire your own security team if only for your New York visit.

Sometimes security details are provided in tandem with event management. This is because the security personnel will have to be present both in front and behind the scenes, wherever they may feel a security problem could crop up. If your group will be running a major event, such as release of a new product into the market, you will probably need your events coordinator to collaborate with your head of security regarding the master plan for security.

To find the right bodyguards and security personnel, one organization you could contact is the New York Security Chiefs Association. This association is composed of New York security chiefs from different businesses such as hotels and casinos. They also work closely with the New York Metropolitan Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office to guarantee safety throughout New York. To contact the association, you may opt to mail  Or visit their website at to find the email addresses of their officers.

There are also private companies offering security services in New York. If you are in doubt as to which security companies you should use, you can ask the management of your hotel in New York if they collaborate with any security services firms in the area. Hopefully you will find that the same company that serves your hotel will be able to serve your company as well.

The price of good security cannot be downplayed. If there are people in your party who would be irreplaceable because of their value to the company, it is very important to keep them safe and secure during your New York meeting and event. Always factor in the price of security into your itinerary budget. You do have a choice between hiring armed guards or unarmed guards when you look for New York security, depending on the degree of security threat that you perceive. Make sure to check into the background of your preferred security detail before hiring them to check on any red flags that may be evident.

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