Privacy Policy

People from all walks of life use the internet every minute of the day. They open different websites to get answers to whatever questions they have in mind. One of these websites is our very own site. When you have chosen our site and has answered truthfully, our registration forms we promise you that all the information that you have shared with us will always remain our secret. We value our customers and because of this, we give you our assurance that we will always take care of all the information that you have given us.

All of the information that you gave when you registered on our site are all stored and saved in the log file. The log file contains your Internet Protocol Address or IP address, your Internet Service Provider such as AOL or Shaw Cable, the browser that you have used in visiting our website, such as the Internet Explorer and Firefox, the time you have visited our site and the pages that you have opened in visiting our site.

All of the information that you gave are all placed or saved in the cookies. We used cookies to save and store information. We also use DART Cookies for ad serving by using the Googles Double Click where cookies are placed on the computer when you are browsing the website.

The DART uses information which cannot disclose who you really are. Said information cannot also track your personal information, including your name, email address, mailing address, telephone or contact numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers.

You can opt out or choose to stop our cookies in your browser settings or manage preferences in programs like Norton Internet Security, but this can affect your activities with our site and all other sites.

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